Gambling Classroom


Us professional cappers here at Sharps Only make a living betting on sports. Interested in dropping your day job and turning your man cave into your office? If so, you are in the right place. Below we are going to walk you through our proven philosophies that give us the edge to consistently win against the house.

Chapter 1: The Basics

If you consider yourself an experienced sports gambler, keep on scrolling down to chapter 2. If you are a sports gambling novice, this is where you should start. In this chapter, you will learn all of the sports gambling basics. From learning what a spread is, to then understanding basic bet types, to finally learning all gambling terms and lingo – we have you covered. Let’s get started.

Lesson 1: Can I legally Bet on Sports in My State?

Lesson 2: What are Spreads, Money Lines, and Totals?

Lesson 3: What is a Parlay?

Lesson 4: Win Percentage Needed To Be Profitable

Chapter 2: Don’t be a Sucker

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s start talking some strategy.

It’s important to understand that sports gambling is hard. Most people that bet sports lose money. It’s easy to fall into traps when just starting off. We are here to prevent you from stepping into that trap. We want you to start making cash on day 1. These lessons describe the common mistakes gamblers make that prevent them from being successful.

Lesson 1: Poor Bankroll Management

Lesson 2: Having Parlay Fever

Lesson 3: Betting with the Heart and not the Head

Lesson 4: Betting with the Public

Lesson 5: Betting too many Games

Chapter 3: Advanced Betting

Now it’s time to get into some more advanced bet types and strategies. Even if you are already familiar with these bet types, you should still read below to determine when you should, and when you shouldn’t use each bet type.

Vegas is kind enough to offer more options than just straight betting and money lines. These other bet types are a great tool to implement periodically into your gambling strategies. With that being said, it’s important to remember that Vegas isn’t in the business of losing money. A lot of these strategies will seem like they’re a super easy way to make cash, but is that really case? The lessons below will walk you through what each bet type is, and if/when you should use them.

Lesson 1: Teasers

Lesson 2: Round Robins

Lesson 3: Live Betting

Lesson 4: Same Game Parlays

Lesson 5: Betting High Priced Money Lines

Lesson 6 : Boosts and Promos

Lesson 7: Hedging

Chapter 4: Sharpen Up

After reading the above chapters, you are on your way to not being a sucker. That’s a good and important first step, but now it’s time to learn how to be a sharp. The lessons below outline how professional gamblers think, some advanced strategies they use, and how the philosophies they use to dominate this industry.

Lesson 1: How do book makers set lines?

Lesson 2: What does Line Movement Tell You?

Lesson 2: What are “Sharp” Lines?

Lesson 3: What are Trap Games?

Lesson 4: Line Shopping

Chapter 5: Betting Strategies and  Trends

Specific trends exist in each sport that assist in helping us know which betting method to use (Ch. 3). Each advanced betting method has it’s pros and cons. In this chapter, we are going to run you through historical trends that exist that will help you have an edge against the house.

Lesson 1: Betting on a Teams Regression

Lesson 2: Look Ahead Games

Lesson 3: Betting Teams on Teams Home vs Away Splits

Lesson 4: Important Stats to use for game predictions