Prediction Strike – The Future of Sports Betting

Have you ever wished you could own stock in your favorite player? Or, do you know a rookie who is bound to be a star in the league, but may not be well known yet? Well, there is now an app for you to capitalize on that and put some additional money in your wallet. Prediction Strike is the first ever Sports Stock Exchange and is bound to revolutionize the way sports fans “bet” on sports. 

What is Prediction Strike?

Prediction Strike is much different than the typical Sportsbook or Sports Gambling site. It’s actually much less like gambling, and much more like investing in the stock market. Prediction Strike combines daily fantasy sports, or betting player props, with the stock market to give sports fans the ultimate investing experience. It is far less risky than traditional sports gambling due to the fact that you cannot lose your entire investment after one game. With Prediction Strike, if you invest $100 in a player before a big game, and he does not beat projections, you will not lose your entire investment, but instead just lose a percentage of your original stake. You can then decide to sell, or continue holding the player long term in an attempt to recoup losses. 

How to Play

Getting started is relatively easy. You can start by creating an account at the link HERE. You can then download the Prediction Strike app on your phone to play while on the go. Once you’re all set up, you can deposit money and start investing. There are numerous different strategies you can go about to make money. Some players are long term investors, while others are short term investors looking to turn a quick profit. In my portfolio, I typically have a balance of both. I accumulate shares of my long term diamond in the rough type players, while quick flipping shares of players that I think will beat their projections in their upcoming game. The more a player beats projections, the more a player’s price will increase. If a player beats projections, their share price will go up and vice versa if they do not beat projections. If you are early on buying shares of a player, and many others buy shares after, that player’s share price will increase. You can then sell the player’s shares before the game even starts for an easy profit. A player’s price fluctuates in increments of 1% with every 100 shares bought or sold. For example, if 200 shares of a player are bought and 100 shares are sold in a certain amount of time, the price of that player will go up 1%. This site is still in its early stages, so it’s fair to think that if this platform does reach mainstream adoption, all player’s share prices will go up in the long term.

Trending Players

Winning Strategies

Let’s get into some more strategy talk. It’s cliché, but it really is as simple as buying low and selling high. Player’s prices range from below $1 to above $50. As you would expect, the stars are more expensive than bench players. Bench or role players are where you can really see big returns, though, if you plan on short term trading. These players are most likely projected less points, so if they blow up one game, you will see big returns. It’s important to be timely with your selling. Player’s share price can decrease quickly after games end as investors take their profits. An important thing to know for short term investors is that there is a 2.5% fee for every buy and sell. So, you essentially need to be up more than 5% on a trade to be profitable. 

You can sometimes get great value in a player after they have a poor game. If a player misses on their projections by a large amount, their price can decrease substantially. This can create value in a player if you think that game was just a fluke and that they will perform better in the next game. 

Another way you can see big returns is being early on injury, trade, starting lineup changes, and other breaking news. If you are early in buying a player that should see an increase in value for various reasons, you will likely see big returns without that player even playing a game. 

A safe, less stressful strategy is to just buy shares in a player and hold them for the long term. Let’s take Lamelo Ball for example. His IPO price was in the $5 range. His price is now around $25. If you were an early investor in Lamelo, you would currently be seeing 5x returns on investment if you held long term. Players like Lamelo are a dime a dozen, but they are out there, and can reward you for patience. 


Prediction Strike is a new, fun way for fans to engage in sports in a unique way while also making money in the process. Making sound/strategic investments will yield great returns in a short time period. Look at investing in Prediction Strike players like investing in an early cryptocurrency or growth stock. As more people begin to adopt this new way of investing, players prices will continue to rise. If you have any more questions, check out the frequently asked questions section on the bottom of Here. Follow me on twitter and this blog for my investment advice and future calls. Lets make some money.

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