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Going Line Shopping

All sports books generate their own lines. Below is a list of the top 5 most prominent sports books

Sports betting is only legal in 22 US states. If you are not in one of those 22 states, Bovada is the best option. Bovada is an offshore book that has been in the industry since 2011. If you are in one of those 22 states, we get the pleasure of shopping 5+ sports books for the best lines out there. Lines can very greatly, and getting the best possible line each time we place our bet is essential in achieving success. One great way to quickly shop for the best lines available, is to use https://www.scoresandodds.com/. Below is a snippet of scores and odds lines page.

Lets use this Cardinals vs Royals game as an example. William Hill Sports book is offering the Cardinals ml at -160. BetMGM is offering the Cardinals ml at -182. Lets say your unit’s are $100 and you place a bet on the Cardinals ml at BetMGM. If this bet were to lose, it would cost you $182. Now lets say you place the same bet at William Hill. This would cost you $160 if you were to lose. By shopping for the best line, you saved yourself over 1/5 of a unit. This makes a massive distance over time and you will find this variation for almost each bet. Lets look at one more example using NFL lines.

In the above match up, majority of books have the line set at 3. But there are 2 books with the line at 3.5. If you were wanting to bet the Steelers, it would be very important you place the bet on PointsBet or Bet MGM. Betting on one of those 2 sites would give you the massive edge of getting a half point over the key number 3. Obviously if you were wanting to bet the Vikings, you would want to bet on any book besides Bet MGM and Points Bet.

Hopefully these 2 examples have convinced you of the importance of line shopping prior to placing a bet. Over a long period of time, doing this will result in a significant rise in your win percentage.

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