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Should you Bet Promos and Boosts?

Mobile sports books apps offer daily boosts and promos to give bettors an extra incentive. A “boost” is when a sports book offers better odds for a certain bet. It can be thought of that the bet is “on sale”. The Barstool Sports book is notorious for offering a plethora of boosts. Below is an example of a boosted line on Barstool.

The shown NBA boost lowers the odds for Kevin Durant to be the top scorer. The odds were boosted from -180 to -120. For an $100-unit bettor, this is a $60-dollar difference in price. If you were already planning on betting this bet, obviously betting the boost is a great idea. If you were not already planning on taking the bet, tread carefully. Boosts look good on the surface, but there is likely a reason the sports book is boosting the odds. That reason isn’t to put more money in your pocket. Sports books are known to boost lines that they think has a low percentage chance of winning. They use the boosted odds as a tactic to draw the suckers in, and get them to take a bet they likely wouldn’t have taken if it wasn’t boosted. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, sports books aren’t in the business of handing out free money. Obviously, not all boosted lines are going to lose. But, if you consistently took the opposite side of every boost, you will come out on top in the long run.

Promos are slightly different then boosts. Promos are typically bets that offer you a chance to get money back if your bet loses. These are typically referred to as “risk free bets”. You always have to ‘opt in’ to these bets. Below are some examples of Promos fan duel is offering.

The TNT Tuesdays promo shown above in the top left is a true risk free promo and isn’t one you should miss out on. This specific promo allows you to place a $10 same game parlay and it gets refunded whether you win or lose. This is like someone handing you a free lottery ticket, you would be stupid not to enter.  The second promo offers a $25 refund if only 1 leg of your NHL parlay loses. I do not advise these types of bets, for the same reason I do not advise 4 game parlays. The odds are not in your favor. This is illustrated in the below picture

Your odds of getting your bet refunded is 28% + 7.9% = 35.9%. Bookmakers know these poor odds and play into that with these type of promos. They attract the suckers in and take their money. Don’t be one of those suckers. It is also important to realize that in most situations, the sports book will give you a refund in site credit. This means this money will not be available for withdrawal until after you place another non risk free bet equivalent to the amount of site credit.

Promos are a great reason to have an account with multiple sports books. A risk free bet is the best bet you can make. Having accounts with multiple books will give you the opportunity to get multiple risk free bets weekly. No one is too good for promos. Take every advantage you can get.

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