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Betting Same Game Parlays

Same game parlays are a newer betting method to come on to the scene. Sports books offer same game parlays on nearly every sport. A same game parlay allows you to parlay multiple bets in the same game. This means you can parlay together a spread, total, and player props from the same game. If done right, this parlaying method can be a great way to create value on a single bet. If done incorrectly, same game parlays will drain you bankroll very quickly. In this lesson i will explain good same game parlay strategy and bad same game parlay strategy.

Proper Technique for Betting SGP’s

Lets start with proper technique for betting same game parlays. Same game parlays can be a cheat code if you parlay together bets that correlate together. To explain this, i will use an example in a NFL game. Lets say you really like the over in the Chiefs/Saints game. You like the over because Mahomes is playing against a banged up Saints secondary.

You should use the above if statement thought process when developing the parlay. If one bet hits, then what else likely hits. I’ll give one other MLB example to drive this thought home. Lets say the Mets are playing the Rays and Degrom has great splits against the Rays, so you really like Degrom going over 6.5 innings.

These are just random examples to assist in understanding this thought process. There are a million ways to parlay same game bets that correlate, you just need to do some research and get creative. The above mentioned strategy is the only way i advise doing same game parlays. I do not advise picking 3+ random player props and sprinkling a few extra TD/HR props. This is due to the same reason i do not advise doing 3+ bet parlays. The below calculations illustrate this.

Calculations That Show Why SGP Fail

The above calculations simulate your percent chance of winning if you did a 5 bet same game parlay. These calculations assume you are an above average gambler who hits 53% of his bets. It also assume the bets you are taken are -125 or less. In this scenario, you have a 4.3% chance to win your parlay. Book makers are on their knees begging you to do bets like these. Do not let them take advantage of your ignorance. Give yourself a chance to win.

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