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Live Betting

In today’s age of technology, sports books are capable to compute live lines that update after every single event of a competition. In baseball, spreads and totals may update after each pitch. In basketball, spreads and totals will update after every possession. Sports books offer a ton of other live betting options such as: what will be the outcome of the Cleveland Browns next possession, or will the Dodgers score a run in the 4th inning. Live betting can be a great betting strategy, if done right. In this lesson, i will run you through situations and scenarios that are the best time to place a live bet.

Good Scenarios For Live Betting

Scenario 1: Statistics back up a team starts slow, but increases performance as the game goes on. In this scenario, you should wait until this team falls behind, and then bet their live line. There will be value on this line, due to bookmakers adjusting the line to account for the score.

Scenario 2: A team that is heavy favorites, has several fluke plays occur that has them behind in the early stages of the event. Bookmakers are very good at what they do, so if they set a team as large favorites over their opponent, they are probably far superior then them. In this scenario, you should bet the heavy favorite that is losing. Odds are, the less superior team will regress back to their skill level, so the favorites live line will have value when they go down early.

Scenario 3: You lean a certain side of a bet, but don’t like it enough to put your hard earned cash on it. If the side you lean falls behind at the very start of the game, don’t be afraid to take a stab at their live line. Games consist of several momentum swings, and the side you leaned starting slow, may be a blessing in disguise.

Scenario 4: You place a pre-game wager on a side, and that side goes up big early. Lets say you place a 1 unit money line wager on the Raiders pre-game at even odds and the Raiders go up 14 points in the first quarter. You can now bet the money line of their opponent at +300. Placing a 1/3 unit bet on the +300 would guarantee you do not lose any money on the bet, and still give you the opportunity to win 2/3 of a unit. This type of live bet scenario is only good in certain circumstances due to it minimizing your possible return, but it is a option to keep in mind to eliminate risk.

Do Sports Books Have an Edge?

Like other betting methods, sports books have no edge over the bettor when it comes to live betting. Placing a live bet is the same as posting a pre-game bet in the aspect that all spread lines will be juiced. Sports books bank on the amount of bets being placed on both sides being even, and they will profit of the juice from the losing bets. If you are watching a game and believe you have a good feel on how the rest of the game will play out, do not be afraid to place a live wager.

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