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Betting with the Heart and not the Head

A common trend novice betters continuously fall into is betting with their heart instead of their head. They use their preconceived biases from their fandom to cloud their judgement on what they bet. This leads them to essentially bet their favorite teams every game whether it’s truly a good bet or not.

By being a fan of a team, you have an advantage over a majority of the other handicappers out there. You know your team in and out, and potentially have a good read on how they have been playing. This knowledge should be used the right way without emotions involved. Some games, your head may be telling you that it’s a bad bet, but your heart gets in the way and you bet your favorite team anyway. This goes the same way for teams that you dislike. Just because you don’t like a team doesn’t mean they’re a bad bet and you have to bet against them. A quote we like to say is, “Stats don’t care about your feelings”. This is a reminder to objectively look at each match up and take any outside emotions out of the decision making process. We all want our favorite teams to win, but we also need to protect our hard earned cash in the process.

Still, some professional cappers refuse to bet against their favorite teams. There is no issue with that. After all, one of the main reasons a lot of us gamble on games is for the fun and thrill of it. If you already have a rooted interest in the game, then you may just not bet the game at all.

The point of this lesson was to hammer that to be a professional sports gambler, you have to take your emotions out of it. Die hard sports fans are some of the most passionate people out there. Being a fan is fun (well depends who you root for), but making money is also fun. Don’t let your fandom get in the way of increasing your bankroll. Instead, use your advanced knowledge on your favorite teams to make educated decisions on each of their match ups. If you do this, the profits will follow.

Now it’s time to learn another mistake many early gamblers make. Check out Lesson 4 : “Betting with the Public” next.

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