Daily Bets

Betting too Many Games

When many people first start gambling, they fall into the habit of over betting. They bet on games just because they’re bored, or because they know they will be watching it. This can lead to uneducated bets which can lead to losses.

Gambling can be addictive. People that have addictive tendencies need to be careful when it comes to sports gambling. Winning a bet is a great feeling. It can stimulate the brain much like drugs or alcohol does, and leave you wanting more. It’s important to control this urge and stay focused on the end goal – making money. We recommend picking 0-5 of your favorite bets every day and straight bet (bet the spread) those. This tends to be the most profitable strategy for most sports betters. We will not sway you from betting more games, though. As long as you stick true to your system, or the sharp betting system we will outline later in this course, you should be able to remain profitable.

Betting on many games is not a problem as long as you stick true to the unit system. If you’re betting a game solely because you want a little added excitement, maybe you just bet half or a quarter of a unit. That way if it does lose, it doesn’t affect your bankroll as much as your true plays.

This was another simple lesson, but one that is very important to understand. You are now finished with Chapter 2. In this chapter, you have learned some things you should try to avoid to successfully build a bankroll. Now it’s time to learn more bet types and some strategies that you should implement to continuously pick winners.

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