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NFL Week 2 Sharp Report – Are These Trap Lines?

Let’s take an early look at some potential NFL Week 2 trap lines. This list is just an early look. I will post articles for each of these games with a more in depth preview and my pick later in the week 

Saints (-3.5) at Panthers 

The Saints are coming off a very impressive victory over the Packers. The Saints dominated every aspect of the game. The Panthers on the other hand, barely squeaked out a win against the lowly Jets. As of now, 65% of bets have come in on the Saints and I expect that number to get larger before Sunday. Bookmakers are not overreacting to the Saint week 1 dominating performance and neither should you. This line is one to keep a close eye on heading into Sunday. 

Chiefs (-3.5) at Ravens 

Bookmakers opened this line at Chiefs -2.5. This is very interesting. The Chiefs are coming off a thrilling come from behind win against a solid Browns team. The Ravens are coming off a deflating loss against a sub par raiders team on Monday Night Football. If the Ravens can’t beat the Raiders, what makes bookmakers think they can stay within a field goal against the Chiefs. I know Bookmakers aren’t in the business of handing out free money. Especially on a Sunday night game with the whole country watching. The public is all over the chiefs as 85+% of bets have come in on them. Bookmakers are putting their plums on the table and banking on the Ravens keeping it close. This game is a definite trap line that you need to watch out for. 

Bengals at Bears (-2.5) 

Books opened this line at Bears -4. The Bengals are coming off an upset victory over the Vikings. The Bears are coming off a 20 point loss on Sunday Night Football against the Rams. The public is on the Bengals as 62% of bets have come in on them. Public dogs are always something to be cautious of. Keep an eye on this line heading into Sunday.

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