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Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley. Is Jake Paul in trouble?

Jake Paul Boxes Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul Boxes Tyron Woodley

Tonight, Jake Paul, the Youtuber turned boxer will once again captivate boxing fans as he attempts to continue to prove his doubters wrong. He will be facing off against Tyron Woodley, who will be by far the best striker he has seen in his short boxing career.

Woodley will be a little out of his element as he steps into the boxing world for the first time in his career. He boasts a 19-7-1 MMA record over his career with 7 knockouts. Woodley carries impressive striking power, but comes from more of a wrestling background. He does not have the technical boxing skill like Paul has, but he has apparently been training with the great Floyd Mayweather who dominated that aspect of Boxing. Woodley lost his last 4 UFC fights in matches that weren’t particularly close. Woodley is 39 years old and Father Time appeared to be showing in his last fights.

Paul is coming off his early knockout of former UFC Champion Ben Askren. Askren appeared way outclassed in the match. Paul is 3-0 in his short boxing stint with 3 knockouts, but hasn’t faced much true competition yet. He has shown skill in the ring along with true knockout power. Paul has the height/weight/reach advantage. Paul needs to win this fight to continue drawing big names in his boxing career and if it comes down to a decision, I could see the judges choosing the future money in Paul.

Paul should come in as the more skilled boxer, but all it takes is one punch for Woodley to end it quick. The hype around Paul is at an all time high, but for what? He knocked out a small former basketball player and an old, out of shape UFC fighter that was solely known for his wrestling. You don’t think Woodley who has knocked out the likes of Robbie Lawler and numerous other prominent fighters doesn’t knock out little Nate Robinson and Askren the grappler? I truly think this will be an even match that will just depend on who can catch the other cleanly first. I’ll take the value play with Woodley at the ML +160

The play: Tyron Woodley ML +160

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